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It is possible to earn money from your rental property without all the stress that comes from acting as a landlord. Instead, our local property managers take care of all the details, from helping you plan pricing through emergency and maintenance services. TierOne is a full-service property management company based in Utah, and we handle all phases of property management for our clients.

We start with locating and selecting the best and most reliable tenants through advertising and Pre-screening. Our services include:

  • Advertising for your vacant properties
  • Finding and selecting the best and most reliable tenants
  • Tenant Pre-screening and lease paperwork
  • Collecting rent
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Quarterly property inspections to ensure that the properties are all up to local real estate code
  • Evictions, if necessary
  • 24/7 telephone and internet hotlines
  • Property status updates
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Property owner payment – we deposit your monthly rental incomes into your bank via ACH transfer
  • Late notices (certified and regular mailings)
  • Tenant and landlord communication available for owner to view 24-7 through the Owner Portal
  • Answers to legal questions via our attorney
  • Statutory Agent Service (receive legal notices on your behalf)
  • Contract enforcement (including notices to tenants)

Our ability to perform all of these tasks with professionalism and efficiency at the highest of levels is what has led TierOne to become the unquestioned leader in property management. We do it all for less, and we do a better job than the competition. With our property managers, you can rest easy knowing that your residential rental unit is in good hands. For the best in Utah property management, call our knowledgeable and friendly staff today at (801) 486-6200 and they will be more than happy to discuss your specific property rental needs with you and what makes TierOne the right choice when it comes to property management in Utah.

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Discover Magna

Magna, a community nestled in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah, holds a unique charm with its blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community. Initially established as a mining town in the late 19th century, Magna flourished around its copper mining industry, shaping its early development. While the mining era has passed, remnants of this history still echo through the town's identity, evident in its preserved heritage sites and historical landmarks.

The natural landscape surrounding Magna is breathtaking, featuring stunning vistas of the Oquirrh Mountains and the nearby Great Salt Lake. Residents and visitors enjoy access to various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and wildlife observation. The proximity to natural wonders invites exploration and fosters a deep appreciation for nature among Magna's community.

Community bonds run deep in Magna, with a strong emphasis on fostering a close-knit environment. Residents take pride in their town's identity and actively participate in local events, cultural celebrations, and community initiatives. This collective spirit creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where neighbors support one another and contribute to Magna's vibrant community life.

Education is a priority in Magna, with schools dedicated to providing quality learning experiences for students. The town values education and invests in its educational institutions to ensure a well-rounded academic environment. Additionally, efforts toward innovation and technological advancements contribute to shaping Magna's future prospects.

Economically, Magna continues to evolve, embracing new opportunities for growth and development. While historically tied to mining, the town has diversified its economic landscape, welcoming various industries and businesses. The strategic location within the Salt Lake Valley positions Magna as a promising area for commercial activities and job opportunities.

In essence, Magna, Utah, reflects a blend of historical legacy, natural beauty, and a tight-knit community spirit. Its scenic surroundings, strong communal ties, commitment to education, and evolving economic landscape make it an appealing destination for individuals seeking a balance between heritage, nature, and a supportive community atmosphere.