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Maintenance Request

Inform Us of a Maintenance Issue

Please read all the information before submitting a maintenance request.

At TierOne Property Management, your maintenance request is important to us and we would like to see it taken care of as quickly as possible. We have created these instructions to facilitate the reporting of all maintenance to our office, even after-hours. Please be sure to read all of the information on this page before submitting your request. The more information we have about you and your maintenance problem, the more efficiently we will be able to address the issue.


  1. BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST, check to see if there is something that could be causing what APPEARS to be a repair problem. Examples of this specifically are listed below. Be sure to read these examples carefully.
    • Fire, flood and/or uncontrollable water, electrical problems, smell of gas, etc.
    • Emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire call 911
    • Emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical danger, call the utility service.
    • Emergencies such as backed up plumbing, flooding, call the TierOne Property Management emergency number at 866-349-6072, and listen for emergency instructions and if necessary, call 911.
    • Loss of heat or air conditioning is not an emergency – TierOne Property Management recognizes this is a priority item and will make it a priority with the vendors to have the heat working as soon as possible.
    • An emergency is not air-conditioning, non-working dishwasher, sprinklers, etc.


  1. The oven does not work. Check the time bake to be sure the settings on the unit are not preventing the oven from turning on. An oven set on time bake WILL NOT HEAT.
  2. Air-conditioner does not work. Check ALL circuit breakers often during hot weather or if a circuit breaker overloads, it will trip off the circuit A/C breaker. Often it is difficult to see that the breaker is tripped and it will look like it is not. Therefore, the breaker must be turned all the way off and then all the way on. The breaker must be turned all the way off because it will not “reset” itself to correct the problem.
  3. Garbage disposal does not work. Check underneath on the disposal unit for the reset button that may need to be reset. If something is stuck & the blades do not turn, try putting a broom handle down the disposal & give it a twist. This will often break the disposal loose & it will work. Be sure garbage disposal is turned OFF while doing this.
  4. Electrical does not work in part of the house. Patio, kitchen or the bathroom. Check reset button on GFCI (Ground fault interrupter). Circuit breakers keeping going off. Check all appliances to see if the circuits are being overloaded with appliances such as irons, microwave, toaster, curling irons, blow dryers, etc.
  5. Smoke alarm doesn’t work or intermittently chirp. If new battery does not work, call in a work order. Tenants are responsible for the replacement of batteries and will be charged a minimum of $65 for replacement. Notify Management if the smoke alarm is inoperable. Remember a smoke alarm is for safety and it is very important to check it regularly to see if it is working.