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Filter Delivery Service

Changing filters, a known tenant responsibility, is now as easy as opening the front door. For our properties with HVAC, we’ve made every effort to ensure your obligation to change the filter(s) is as easy as possible by having them delivered to your door approximately every 90 days or as required by your system. This helps you save up to $250/year, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the hassles and liability of repairs.

Changing the HVAC air filter is a tenant responsibility per our lease agreement; we’ve made it as easy as possible by partnering with Second Nature. If your home has HVAC, your air filter(s) will begin arriving on your doorstep shortly after you move-in. All you need to do is change it upon arrival and continue to do so each time a new one arrives approximately every 90 days, or as required by your HVAC system. No advance effort is required; we’ve got it covered! Should you have any filter installation or delivery questions please contact Second Nature at 1-800-308-1186, Mon - Fri 10 to 6 EST.