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Former Resident and Final Notice Survey

Your opinion is important to us. In order for us to continue to offer or to improve our management skills, we need your input. Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire regarding your tenancy. Thank You!

Please Provide the Following:

When you signed the lease, you agreed to provide the following on the day the property is vacated: · All rent and other account fees to be paid in full or a satisfactory written settlement agreement made with us for any balance due. Unpaid balances are deducted from the Security Deposit first. · The entire property must be clean and all trash removed. · Tile, vinyl and hardwood floors must be clean and waxed. · Carpets MUST be professionally cleaned. (Receipt is required from our pre-approved company). · All nails or other holes in the walls must be filled or repaired properly. · Outside hoses must be disconnected and stored. · All window wells clean and clear of trash, weeds and debris · Fireplace must be free of soot and the firebox vacuumed. All tools received with home must be present. · All drapes and curtain rods or mini blinds should be firmly fastened. All drapes, blinds and curtains in good repair and properly hung and cleaned. ALL broken window coverings will be replaced at your expense. · Refrigerator, stove, oven and microwave MUST be clean, defrosted and plugged in, running at normal settings. · All personal property, including furniture, motor vehicles and all other items not on the property when you moved in, must be removed from the home and surrounding property. Anything left behind shall be regarded as abandoned and may be destroyed, hauled away or otherwise disposed of at YOUR expense. · Get a final reading on your utilities as of the last day on the lease. You will not be reimbursed for any amount you have paid past your move out date. If you disconnect utilities, you will be charged the reconnect fee. · Make your final trash pick-up arrangements. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE COST FOR THE REMOVAL OF ALL TRASH LEFT AFTER YOUR MOVE OUT DATE! · Clean ALL windows, window tracks and any door windows. · All doors and windows must be properly locked or fastened. · ALL keys and garage door remotes MUST BE returned to your manager on the last day of the lease. You will be charged for any missing remotes plus the cost to reprogram the opener. Please follow the checklist carefully. TierOne Real Estate, LLC is billed $85.00 or more per hour plus supplies for maintenance and cleaning. For example that cracked switch plate or light bulb that normally would cost you $1.00 will be charged to you at $86.00 (service call + supplies). Thank you for completing the survey.