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The Right Way to Evict a Tenant for Nonpayment of Rent – Salt Lake City Property Management Advice

If you have a home for rent, it’s inevitable that you will eventually run into a situation where you have to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent. The process you follow needs to be right, or you’ll lose a lot of money. Do some research and consult a lawyer. We are not attorneys, and we aren’t a law office. We suggest you talk to an attorney when you have to evict a tenant. We are simply sharing the highlights of the eviction process.

Property Management in Utah: Three Day Pay or Quit Notice

First, if you don’t receive your rental payment, post a Three Day Pay or Quit Notice. There are steps you need to follow when you’re posting. If you’re not sure about those steps, contact us, and we can help you or put you in touch with an attorney.

Property Management Salt Lake City: Communicate

Next, make sure you have clear communication with your tenant. Usually, the notice gets them to call you. So, establish clear communication. Talk to your tenants, and try to work out a situation that allows them to pay as quickly as possible. Their nonpayment of rent is a lease violation, so you can proceed with the eviction if you want to. However, we like to work something out because evictions and vacancies are expensive. Work with your tenant. Get in writing what they can pay and the deadline for those payments. Get them to sign it. Then, stick to those expectations. If the tenant doesn’t honor the agreement, post another Three Day notice and proceed with the eviction.

Property Management Utah: Court Process

Serve the notice and work with your tenants. Then, if things don’t work out, consult with an attorney and go to court. If you make a mistake with the posting, the calculation, or you file in the wrong court, you’ll lose a lot of money. I have made those mistakes myself. That’s why it’s so important to talk to an eviction attorney. We can make referrals, and if you’re in this situation, your attorney can file with the court and get a judgment against the tenant. Then, you can lock out the tenant with the help of the sheriff or the constable. Evictions can take months if they are not done properly. You don’t want to step over dollars to collect dimes. Take the steps that are needed to avoid evictions. Start with a good screening process, and you’ll find yourself with more money in your pocket. If you have any questions about the eviction process, please contact us at TierOne Property Management.

Eviction Package Guarantee
We understand how frustrating it is when a tenant violates their lease agreement and the financial implications for property owners. It’s an unfortunate fact that some tenancies end in eviction. With TierOne’s Eviction Package Guarantee (one of FIVE Guarantees TierOne offers) you don’t have to worry about the costs for an eviction.