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Protect Your Property With These Essential Tenant Screening Questions

Protect Your Property With These Essential Tenant Screening Questions

Imagine your investment property is a steam engine. Tenants are the fuel that keeps it going.

A vacancy rate of 6.22% may tempt Salt Lake City landlords to dump anyone in to keep their investment going. That only causes crashes when they turn out to be dangerous or delinquent.

Preventing these disasters means checking your fuel. Read on to learn the most essential tenant screening questions.

What's Your Contact Information?

This is the most basic tenant screening question but also the most important. Get their full name, address, and a phone number or email address.

This allows you to verify their identity and communicate with them throughout the lease.

What's Your Employment History?

Ask about the tenant's employment. Get information about where they've worked and for how long. Ask for contact information from their previous employers.

Get proof of income, such as a recent pay stub, employment contract, or tax document. See if they meet your basic income requirements.

What's Your Rental History?

The past tends to repeat itself, which makes rental history an important factor to ask about. Tenants who consistently didn't pay rent or were disruptive are more likely to be the same way on your property.

Ask where they've rented in the past and for how long. Get contact information from their previous landlords.

Do You Consent to Background Checks?

The cost of a bad tenant can be worse than a vacancy. In addition to lost rent, you may face damage or evictions.

The worst part is that they can hide in plain sight. Perform a credit or criminal background check to confirm everything they've told you. Always ask for consent first to avoid legal issues.

Do You Have References?

Ask the tenant for landlord references to vouge for their previous rental behavior.

How did they conduct themselves? Did they take care of the unit? Did they pay rent on time?

They can also have other professionals as references, such as employers. Check each one to make sure they're valid.

What Are Your Preferences or Needs?

If you only think about yourself when finding tenants, they won't stay. Think about how you can retain them by asking what they want.

What features or amenities do they want? What lease duration do they prefer? When do they plan to move in?

What's Your Lifestyle Like?

Ask about the tenant's lifestyle. Do they smoke or have pets? Do they have distributive hobbies such as playing loud music?

The answers to these questions may disqualify them. You may also be able to work out an agreement.

How Do You Prefer to Communicate?

79% of renters prefer to communicate with direct message, text, or chat. Find out what method they prefer when they need to reach out to you.

Clear up any concerns about the lease. Ask them if there's anything they don't understand so that it doesn't become a disagreement later.

How Should I Start Tenant Screening?

Tenant screening lets you know what you're getting into. Ask about their factors such as their lifestyle, past work, rental history, and preferences.

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